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Custom Made Monitor or TV Head Cosplay Costume

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Have your very own monitor or TV head made custom for you! The monitor or TV in this listing will be cleaned up and transformed into a wearable monitor/tv head.

If you would like something more complex than what the options allow, just contact me and we can maybe work something out.

To see more of the monitor and tv heads I have made in the past, check out my pillowfort account: https://www.pillowfort.social/PokuPokuStudio/tagged/object%20head

The screen is similar to sunglasses or tinted car window. Hard to see the person inside but you can see out just fine. There is foam padding inside to make it comfortable to wear. TV/Monitor normally weighs around 2 to 6 pounds. Easy to breathe inside, but it can get hot if you are in a hot environment.

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