Custom Made Monitor or TV Head Cosplay Costume

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Have your very own monitor or TV head made custom for you! The monitor or TV in this listing will be cleaned up and transformed into a wearable monitor or tv head. #1 TV and monitor head seller, having sold over 600. The TVs and monitors are all 20+ years old, and thus WILL have some minor damage, so please inspect the photos carefully. Any major damage will be pointed out, but any small scrapes or cracks might not be. Each one is labeled with the letter and the screen size (in inches).

Colored screens are now only available for flat screen TVs and monitors. For curved screens, select the black or mirror option.

For additional customization, contact me and I will give you a quote.

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The screen is similar to sunglasses or a tinted car window, hard to see the person inside but easy to look out of. Inside is filled with super soft foam padding, making it very comfortable to wear. They normally weigh between 2 and 7 pounds. TVs are generally lighter weight than monitors. Easy to breathe inside, but can get hot if you are in a hot environment.

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