Tinted Acrylic Screen For DIY Monitor or TV Head Costume

通常価格 $12.00

The acrylic sheet comes in two sizes. small (12x9.1 inches) and medium (14x10.5 inches). ~14inch screen size TVs and monitors use small and ~16 inch screen size monitors use medium. The sizes are fairly standard so they should fit. If you have any concerns about this, just send me a message.

You can also order a screen with a different type of tint. Mirror and mirror+color is extra since it includes 2 or 3 layers of film and harder to apply. If you want multiple colors on one screen (rainbow flag design, etc), contact me to work it out. They are all see-through, they work just like sunglasses.

FREE PDF file with step by step instructions on how to make your own TV/monitor head is included with your order.

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