Wearable Monitor Head With Speakers - Ready to Ship

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This is a wearable monitor with speakers on the side and painted satin white. The speakers are not functional. They ARE detachable though! With 2 screws on each side, they can be taken apart and unclipped to insert your own speakers.

This monitor head is heavier than most, weighing 7.5 pounds with the speakers. It is not recommended to wear for long periods. Its best to wear while recording short videos or movie scenes. Removing the speakers will make it light enough to wear for a longer period.

The screen is similar to sunglasses or tinted car window. Hard to see the person inside but you can see out just fine. There is foam padding inside to make it comfortable to wear. Weighs 7.5 pounds. Easy to breathe inside, but it can get hot if you are in a hot environment.

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